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"The title track splendidly awakens from its tomb, heaving its great lid aside to the moan of a lumbering riff before a classic Black Sabbath-like gallop intrudes and there we are, on horseback, and taken on a journey through a land where the ashes of burned witches still smoulder and join with the pallid sky." - Niel Arnold

"It's kind of like ... Sabbath and Trouble on that one, but there's almost a Southern Rock kind of twang to it which just got me really hooked."

- Jonny Pirie (Host of Hour of the Riff)

Check out Jonny's full review on Episode 292

September 2022

The generals and witches have gathered in their masses and both agree… this band keeps getting better with each release. Expanding on the love for the riff, songwriting and production, WOOD WITCH prove they’re not just another flash in the overflowing pan of doom.

~ Adam ‘Work-Shy’ Walsh (Earmunchies)

Charitable Compilation

Wood Witch is proud to be a part of PATHOFDOOMRADIO's charitable compilation. Proceeds go to families and children in Ukraine.

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